Learner Licence courses


All teams must provide a centre award umpire. These umpires will be placed into a pool and allocated to umpire a game in the same round.

 If Clubs/teams do not have a centre award umpire we will be facilitating Learner Licence workshops for club umpires which will be a cost of $30. This cost will cover the initial theory at introductory and centre award level. The participants will be coached by our umpire coaches during the Wednesday competition with the objective of eventually gaining full centre award badge including practical. The dates are either 3rd or 10th April 6pm please register with tania at ops@harboursidenetball.co.nz

Teams registrations will not be approved without a centre award umpire or a committed umpire attending the Learner Licence workshop


Please be reminded any verbal confrontations with umpires will not be tolerated. Team captains may approach the Umpire for clarification at quarter/half time. Any complaints can be forwarded to our Umpire Co-ordinator at umpire@harboursidenetball.co.nz or alternatively to the centre manager at manager@harboursidenetball.co.nz


Umpire commitment is the responsibility of the Club/team. If an umpire does not turn up for their rostered game the team will automatically lose 4 points. Harbourside will allocate an umpire to the game, however the cost of the umpire will need to be reimbursed to the centre. In addition, the club will be charged a fee of $25.

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