CCA1 - Community coaching award Level 1


SELECTING  Thursday 7th March 2019  6-8:30pm

PLANNING  Thursday 14th March 2019  6-8:30pm

BER  Thursday 21st March 2019  6-8:30pm

SKILLS ANALYSIS  Thursday 28th March 2019  6-8:30pm

TEAM CULTURE  Tuesday 2nd April 2019  6-8pm

ATTACKING FUNDAMENTALS  Tuesday 9th April 2019 6-8pm

DEFENCE  Tuesday 30th April 2019 2019 6-8pm

SHOOTING  Tuesday 7th May 2019  6-8pm

SELECTING  Tuesday 21st May 2019 6-8:30pm

PLANNING  Tuesday 28th May 2019 6-8:30pm

BER  Tuesday 4th June 2019 6-8:30pm

SKILLS ANALYSIS  Tuesday 11th June 2019 6-8:30pm

TEAM CULTURE  Tuesday 18th June 2019 6-8:30pm

ATTACKING FUNDAMENTALS  Tuesday 25th June 2019 6-8:30pm

DEFENCE  Tuesday 2nd July 2019 6-8:30pm

SHOOTING  Tuesday 23rd July 2019  6-8:30pm

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